The most important bases for evaluating in writing essays

The most important bases for evaluating in writing essays

Many students do not realize how an essay is evaluated. Teachers generally grade a paper on unity, coherence, support, and mechanics. Students tend to be concerned with mechanics only. They do not understand all the bases for evaluating writing. This is because they are not certain what each one actually means. Students who keep telling I can’t write my essay must achieve all the bases in order to write a high-quality paper. However, this cannot be accomplished if the meanings of the terms are not clear. The most important bases are easily defined. Although, each one is different, they all fit together to form an effective essay.


Unity means that all of the information in an essay supports or explains the main subject of the paper. Paragraphs do not drift into different topics. Every sentence is associated directly to the topic. For example, a paper about how alcohol affects the liver does not discuss how alcohol affects personal relationships. The topic sentence of each paragraph states the main point. The sentences that follow clearly support that point. Paragraphs do no end with new ideas. Any information that interferes with the unity of a paragraph or the paper is omitted. Each sentence provides a point for the main idea of the paragraph. Therefore, every paragraph has details related to the key subject of the essay.


Coherence is a very significant aspect in writing. This means that all sentences and ideas flow together. The essay makes a clear and logical point. There is a smooth transition between each sentence and each paragraph. Readers are able to follow what has been written. There are several ways that papers are arranged. If the essay is in the order in which the events occurred, it is chronological. Spatial order is a physical description from one position to another. Essays that move from a general idea to supporting details are in deductive order. Inductive ordered papers begin with details and close with the main idea. Coherence is not a set of puzzling ideas set down in random order. Each paragraph and each sentence is correlated with the previous one.


Support pulls the paper together. It means that the essay is filled with details that back the main subject. The paper has specific details and examples. Evidence makes the ideas credible. Points are clear and persuasive. Readers understand and accept each significant detail. Many of the senses are included for a good description of the subject. This eliminates any indistinguishable generalizations. For example, a paper about how enjoyable pet birds are clearly describes what is seen, felt, and heard. Supporting details allow the reader to recognize the subject and the way it is being presented.

So, for writing a successful paper, everyone needs to keep these things on mind.


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